DIY Wax-tinder Sticks




Introduction: DIY Wax-tinder Sticks

This is a video showing how to make your own wax-tinder sticks. Starts easy with a flint & steel.

Step 1: Cut Cardboard (cereal Box)

Get a cereal box and cut a strip 2 1/2 inches wide and use the whole length. Fold in half, length wise.

Step 2: Place Dryer Lint

The next step is to place the dryer lint (I tried a paper towel, it works) onto the cardboard. I used some spray adhesive to keep the lint in place.

Step 3: Fold the Strip in Half - Staple - Cut

I folded the cardboard strip in half before I placed the lint just to make it easier to fold later. Once folded I used a stapler to hold it shut. Place a staple every half inch.

Step 4: Dip in Hot Wax and Cool

After you have stapled, dip in hot wax; let cool; now you have wax-tinder sticks. Zippo wax-tinder stick cost about $6.00 for eight, I made 16 for pennies.

The video shows a demonstration of making a flame using a flint & steel. The total flame time was about a minute and a half.

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    5 years ago

    Nice idea, easy and lightweight. You might try laying it on its side in the V shape to light it. If the V was pointed into the wind, it might light quicker and the second cardboard strip would burn hotter as it wouldn't be laying flat (just a thought).


    Reply 5 years ago

    Thanks for the comment. The other half of cardboard lights fairly quick, but I was thinking a laying it on its side in order to lay small kindling on it so it would not smother the flame. Also thought about about adding another layer of cardboard for a longer burn.