Introduction: DIY Ways to Play With Sphero: Swimming Accessories

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Sphero has a reputation for making a splash at pool parties. With his high-impact polycarbonate shell, he is able to roll out an exceptional cannonball dive. Since he is already waterproof and floats with ease, all he needs now are some swimming accessories to maximize his swimming potential. Dive into this Instructable to find out how to make swimming accessories for even more ways to play with Sphero.  

Step 1: Supplies

Got a dollar? Head on over to your nearest dollar store and pick up items similar to these:
- Sponges
- Rubber bands 
- Silly water toys
- Tennis balls

Make sure to also have handy:
- Hot glue gun
- Knife/X-Acto knife

Step 2: Tennis Ball Accessory

It turns out that two balls are actually better than one (at least when it comes to swimming). Combining Sphero and a tennis ball gives him more speed while cruising around the pool, pond, or ocean waves. Careful kids, you may need an adult for this step. To create a tennis ball accessory, cut along the white lining of the tennis ball with your knife or X-Acto knife so you have two halves when complete. Simply add hot glue to each tennis ball half and place along the top and bottom of your Sphero.

We tossed Sphero in the creek to test his tennis ball water wings. Let's just say he started a swimming race with a duck...and won. 

Step 3: Inner Tube Accessory

Just like you, sometimes Sphero likes to kick back and relax while at the pool or the beach. He is a hardworking robot! Although Sphero won't be able to roll like usual, an inner tube will allow Sphero to chill out and float with you while you both soak in the sun. Just cut out a hole in the middle of one of the sponges you bought from the dollar store for Sphero to fit snuggly in and float on. Don't worry, Sphero will float with or without his new lounger.

Step 4: More Ideas

As you can see in the first picture, we bought a handful of toys to accessorize Sphero. Like with all projects, some turned out better than others. Rubber bands and squishy toys were some of the better options in the bunch. We recommend twisting rubber bands in crazy ways all over Sphero to maximize his swimming skills and also cutting open silly squishy toys to give Sphero a funky skin while in the water. Let us know what you come up with on our Facebook page, and check out more ways to play with Sphero here.