Introduction: DIY Wedding Bouquets, Boutonnières & Tables

Weddings are costly, but you can still have one all the trimmings if you take care of some items yourself - like the flowers!!

Perhaps you can have a little gathering and make it a party while your bridesmaids create their own bouquets. Or family members could take care of this the day of your wedding! By doing this you can save hundreds, or even thousands, of dollars to be spent elsewhere!

Step 1: Items You Will Need

Ribbon in your colour scheme, jute (thin craft rope), or burlap cut into strips.

Scissors: 2: One to cut the ribbon and another to use for cutting the flowers' stems.

Rubber bands or green florist's wire.


Containers for flowers.

Flowers: Can be purchased at grocery store or for more at a great price, you can purchase from Costco (or perhaps Sam's etc), but please note they tend to wilt quicker so it would be best to assemble as close to the event as possible (like the night before or morning of) if you wish to keep them fresh looking. The flowers shown are from Costco.

Step 2: Wedding Bouquets

Bridal Bouquet: Start with with a single bloom. Surround that bloom with four others. Please remember to take off the leaves and thorns of any flowers and cut the stems so the are of near equal length. Hold bouquet w one hand and add flowers with the other. Keep building. You can add greenery or berries around the edges.

Once you achieve the look you like, either wrap the rubber band or green florist's wire around the stems. To decorate, wrap the burlap, jute, or ribbon around stems. You can tie off in a little knot near the bottom. You can also have the stem ends sticking out just past the wrapping.

For the bridal party, repeat process but with less flowers.

Step 3: Boutonnières

Take one flower and place some greenery behind the flower. You may add a smaller bud or berry twig to this to add dimension. Once it looks good, wrap the wire around to secure and wrap w the burlap, jute, or matching ribbon. Insert pin for application.

Step 4: Centerpieces for Tables

Get creative with your vase options, look for things around your house: bud vases, mason jars, interesting juice glasses, candle holders, tea cups. The ones shown in the photos were procured at a local flea market. Simply cut the stems closer to the bloom and insert for a delicate and attractive setting at little cost to you.

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