D.I.Y. Wedding Favor Medallions by Lisa Fulmer for ACTÍVA Products

Introduction: D.I.Y. Wedding Favor Medallions by Lisa Fulmer for ACTÍVA Products

This is a wonderful and versatile D.I.Y. Wedding craft project to make some individualized Wedding Favors. The Favors can be personalized by color and theme and used as gifts, table decorations or even added to a centerpiece.

Color Plus Air Dry Clay – white

5” round metal cookie cutter

Non-stick work mat

Rubber stamps

Stamp ink (optional)

Wood skewer

EarthSafe Finishes Iridescent Paints by Ann Butler

White paint marker

Cardstock5” round paper punch, 1/16” mini hole punch

Sheer ribbon, large beading needle

Step 1: Prepare the Air Dry Clay

Press out some clay to about ¼” thick, using the heel of your hand (or a non-stick rolling pin) on top of a non-stick mat. Press a rubber stamp firmly into the clay to create a blind embossed image. If you want to tint the recessed areas of the image, ink up the stamp first.

Step 2: Cut Out the Clay

Cut out medallions from the embossed clay with a cookie cutter. Use a wood skewer to poke a hole near the top of each medallion. Smooth out the back and edges as needed and set aside to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3: Paint Your Medallions

Paint each medallion (front, edge, back) 2 coats, making sure to brush away and blend in any excess paint that might pool up in the recessed areas. Once dry, try highlighting either the raised or recessed areas with a white paint marker.

Step 4: Finish Off Your Favors

Print the couple’s name and wedding date several times on a sheet of card stock and punch into circle tags. Punch holes in each circle tag to match the holes in the medallions.

Thread some ribbon through a tag and a medallion (back to back) with the needle, tie an overhand knot and trim the ribbon ends.

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