Introduction: DIY Wedding Invitation

Welcome Back!
To my subscribers, I'm sorry i haven't been uploading projects the last couple of months, But now i'm back! And now my fiancee is helping me! or rather I am helping her...

In this project WE will be making our wedding invitations and showing you how to make something similar.

Before we began we searched the web for inspiration and after a bit of work we agreed on a design.
Let's begin!

Step 1: Choose Your Colors!

Before going online or down to your local hobby shop, you need to decide a color theme.

We went with the Bordeaux, Gold and ivory. But you can choose exatly what you want!

A tip is to use the invitation to give the receiver an idea about the color theme to the party. As I understand, Women like to dress for the occasion and if the guest have an idea of the colors of the flowers and decorations to the party they might choose a dress to mach those colors

Step 2: Make a Template

I have uploaded a template for an invitation that in the end will fit in a "B6" envelope.
The measurements is in millimeters (mm).

A good idea is to make this template in something stiff like Cardboard or Carton.

Step 3: Setup of the Infomation.

Inside the invitation there will be 4 pieces of paper with important information.

The main page should consist of the following:
- A greeting (To: name/names, From: You)
- General information of what kind of party it is.
- Date and time of the part

The 3 information pages in the little pocket:
- Wishlist. We made an online Wishlist with a generated QR code to link to that specific page.
- The address of all the locations your party is going to be at. (We had Church, Reception/Party)
- Information regarding Toastmaster, Hotel room prices, A RSVP date

Step 4: Print and Cut

Now for the hard work!
Make sure you have enough ink in your printer and that you have enough paper to correct the details if the first version is not sufficient.

After printing all the pages, you need to cut everything to size and then fold the pieces.
A tip for folding a straight line, in the correct places, is to use the template and the BACK side of a scissor or something dull but pointy. See Gif!

Step 5: Glue It Together!

Now glue!

Nothing really special to it, just make sure you line it up more or less centered.
See pictures :-)

Step 6: Finishing Touches

We wanted to go all the way and got a friend of mine (
to make a design for a monogram, which we then used to wax seal the invitations with.

Before sealing the invitations make sure you pair it with an envelope with the correct name and address to! otherwise you would have to break the seal to see who the invitation is for.
Custom Wax seal:

Gold Wax:


Step 7: Your Are Done!

Now it's down to the post office and "hit send"
or you could deliver it in person :-)

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Until next time!

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