Introduction: DIY Wedding Table Number Holder

Weddings can be so expensive but there are some items you can make yourself and save lots of money! Ensure your guest find their way to their designated tables with these exceptional DIY wedding table number holders.

Materials Needed:


Tiny mirrors or cardboard circles

Spray paint

Gold button

Hot glue gun

Photo frame

Step 1: Unwrap Photo Frame

Unwrap plastic from photo frame and remove glass and backing.

Step 2: Glue Mirrors or Cardboard Inside of Candle Stick Opening

I glued two tiny mirrors inside the opening of the candlestick in order to make this opening flush with the rim of the candlestick. You will need to insert something inside of the candlestick opening so that the frame is able to be hot glued to the top. I think cardboard cut into small circles would work just fine.

Step 3: Attach Frame to Candle Stick With Hot Glue

Apply a big dollop of hot glue to the top of the candle stick and place frame on the top of the hot glue. Hold for several seconds until bond is formed.

Step 4: Spray Paint Front and Back of the Stand

Spray paint the front and back go your table number stand. I applied 3 coats and allowed 5 minutes drying time in between each coat

Step 5: Glue Gold Button to Hide Hot Glue Mess

After spray painting the table number stand I found the spray painted hot glue that attached the frame to the candlestick to be unattractive. So I went into my sewing bag and found this gorgeous gold flower button. I simply hot glued the button where the frame attaches to the candle stick to hide the mess. I love the way it looks.

Step 6: Create an Image for Your Table Number

I made a simple table number image on power point. I used a black square and then copy and pasted floral images from google on the black square, and added a large number 1. You could also make adorable table number images with scrap booking paper and metallic letters and number stickers. Paint and stencils would look great too. Get creative!

Step 7: Put the Picture and Glass Into the Frame and You Are All Done

Put the picture and glass into the frame and you are all done.

I hope you enjoyed this wedding table number diy. Such a great way for brides on a budget to save money and have a wedding that is beautiful in every way.

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