Introduction: DIY Wedding-Chocolates, Soaps and Candles Castings Video

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ComposiMold Wedding DIY Wedding Chocolates Words

Talk about a unique wedding! Forget the hershey’s kisses or the wedding bells! Make the special day truly your own with chocolates made specifically for the bride and groom or even better individually for the wedding guests

To start: Let your imagination go crazy. Imagine finding your seat by looking for your name in chocolate. And then seeing the wedding cake with a special wish for the newly weds-in chocolate. And later in soap or even as candles! Make molds and castings of words, special objects that have real meaning to the bride and groom.

Collect the ingredients:
Chocolate (white chocolate can be colored with food coloring) milk chocolate, dark chocolate…
Containers to make the molds and castings in
ComposiMold-FC (food contact safe to make reusable chocolate molds)
Stir stick
Food coloring (optional)
Lollipop sticks (optional)
Vegetable oil (mold release)
Bubble Buster (optional-helps reduce bubble formation)

Start with your object
Make your master or original design. You will need to make the shape or design of what you want to duplicate in chocolate, candle wax, or soap. Select objects that are relatively uncomplicated. For your first piece, use a very simple shape. We used a heart shape with letters for the bride’s and groom’s name. The letters can be glued down or you can use clay to stick them down. The clay is nice because you can move them around or reuse the letters for other names or designs. You can add extra designs as you become more comfortable with the mold making process.

Place your object in a container. Use containers that can handle high temperatures (150 F) Tupperware works well, but aluminum tins can be shaped around your original master, legos (sealed with clay) can be used, or some plastic/paper cups can be used if they can handle hot coffee.

Spray your part with mold release. Use a vegetable oil. Also, spray on some bubble buster. This is a diluted solution of PVA and water to reduce bubble formation when you make the mold.

Heat and melt the ComposiMold-FC in the microwave. A 6 oz container takes about 30 seconds to a minute depending on the microwave and altitude. Stir the ComposiMold to ensure even temperature distribution.

Make the mold by pouring the ComposiMold over the original master. Let cool or stick the mold in the refrigerator or freezer to cool faster.

When cooled, take out the original master, flip the part over and pour in melted chocolate.
Melting the chocolate can be a little tricky: Chocolate melts well in the microwave, but use short intervals and try to stir after each interval. For example, we use 30 second intervals for about ¼ pound of chocolate, stirred, and put it in for another 30 seconds.

You can use lots of different kinds of chocolates.

To get into crevices in your mold, a squeeze bottle is useful. This is how we made the chocolates with both white chocolate and milk chocolate shown in the video. The letters were filled first by squeezing the chocolate into the letters with one color and then the rest of the mold filled with a different chocolate.

When finished with one chocolate casting, you can remelt the ComposiMold mold and make a different mold.

CANDLES and SOAPS: Instead of using chocolate you can use candle wax or soap. However, before pouring candle wax or soap into the ComposiMold, be sure to COOL or FREEZE your ComposiMold mold first so that the hot temperatures of the wax or soap do not melt the ComposiMold. Thicker molds can also help, give at least a ½ inch around the sides and bottom of the mold and an inch would be better.

To clean the mold, use a wet paper towel and dry immediately afterwards.

Repeat with different objects, letters, shapes. All of the shapes made in the video used the same mold making material. By remelting, lots of different molds can be made.

Other ideas to mold and cast in chocolate:
Chocolate Shot glasses with the names on the side or the date
Chocolate wedding rings
Lollipops with names of guests
Original wedding cake toppings

What objects do you suggest to mold and cast in chocolate, candle wax, or soap?