Introduction: DIY Welcome Mat

About: Self taught and born crafter.. I use inspiration from my own head an things I see in the real world. I'm here mainly to share my crazy DIY ideas with you.

I already have a store bought mat but wanted something more "me". So off to google an Etsy... Where similar mats were $20+

I know right!!!?? No way!

So here today is my tutorial on a DIY version of the "you are here.. " welcome mat.

What you need:

Small mat/rug (dollar store )




Paint brush

Slip resistant material

Stenciled letters (optional)

Spray paint (optional)

Tip: you can either hand paint or use spray pant, stencil or even use freezer paper an paint for a cleaner look.

Let's go!

Step 1: Stencil Your Design

Begin by out lining your design onto your mat. Here I used chalk an a free hand.
If your using freezer paper lay it out an fuse it accordingly. If your using stencils line them up where you want an use small pieces of tape to hold them in place.

Step 2: Pick Your Paint

If your doing free hand grab your paint and paint brush and go to town. If your using any other mediums (spray paint etc) begin by filling in your letter or images. Pay very careful attention to keep thing in line!!

Step 3: Done!

Sit your mat aside over night to dry.. Once it's dry place the slip resistant material under the mat if your mat does not come with any.