Introduction: DIY Wheelbarrow

This starts like every good build story.My wife wanted to buy a wheelbarrow. So I looked outback and said sure I’ll have a wheelbarrow for you today. Then I promptly made one.

The body of this wheelbarrow is made from a barrel I was using over a few stumps I was burning. The frame is made from a bike trailer we got when the kids were small. It took about 2 hours. I opted to put some old used plastic water pipe around the edges for added safety


Old Bike trailer
Used metal barrel
Two carriage bolts
Two lock washers
Two flat washers
Angle grinder with cutoff wheel
Spray paint

Step 1: Cut Your Barrel

No need to plan or measure I just took a string tide it some where close to center and painted it. Once your lines painted in use your angle grinder to cut the barrel. Don’t forget to debur it it can get pretty sharp

Step 2: Modify You Frame

To modify the bike trailer all I did was take the top and bent side bars off. Simple right. Then I put it on the barrel and drilled two holes through the cross bars into the barrel then bolted it.

Step 3: Cut Your Protectors

I then took the water pipe and measured it where I needed it cut it to length and split it on one side. Then slid it on the sides

Step 4: Now Slap Some Paint on That Bad Boy

Once that’s done give it a good coat of paint to stop the rust. After that it’s good to go.
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