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Introduction: DIY Window Greenhouse

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I frequent old antique shops and flea markets. You cannot go more than 10 feet without seeing old doors and windows. Here is how you can turn those items into some great landscaping for any home.

Step 1: 4 Windows Is All You Need

Locate 4 windows. They do not all have to be the same but they do have to be fairly close to size. These are old and antique, so do not spend a bunch of time trying to square each side and angle. Simply screw three of the windows together in a "U" shape and you almost done.

Step 2: Support and Door Frame

Next Support your three windows with adding to boards across the bottom and the top. This will keep them "square" to one another, while providing a support, and a frame for your door to close on. Also you will be screwing your roof joist to the top board as well.

Step 3: Hing Your 4th Window

Hinge your 4th window and this is now a swinging door. The hinges will go on an adjacent side, it is entirely preference with which way you want the door to swing open.

+++I quick tip: If you have an idea of where you want to place this DIY Window Greenhouse, take into consideration common wind directions, and have the door open towards the wind rather than with it. This will prevent any accidental opening of the door that could either break the window itself or the hinges.

Step 4: DIY Roof Joist

You will need to create the form for your roof. I wanted it to peak, and leaving the front face and back face of the roof open for future planning I'll share later on.

To create the roof, I screwed one wood screw (could also use a machine bolt with nut and washer) to the pivot point of two 1x2 pieces of wood. Taking each end (opposing the pivot point) attach the base of the joist to either the back window or the front support boards. Now you have your joist its time for a roof.

Step 5: Antique Tin Roof

I found some antique rustic tin ceiling tiles at a local antique store. I didn't have to cut it as I like the little flare at the bottom of the roof. I used Finishing screws to attach the roof to the joists and my roof was complete!

Put the DIY Window Greenhouse where you want it, stick a plant in it and your done!

+The future plan for this green house is to nail in chicken wire into the opening and across the top. Try to get some vine type or succulents to pour out the top!

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    3 years ago on Step 5

    Love this idea. What about raising the windows about 3 feet with solid wood framing there and use this area for composting? Then have a few shelves at the windows level to start seeds, fall veggies, etc? Compost would help warm the area and extend the growing season? Or is there a minimum S.F. needed for such an idea? I don't like the idea of a huge, say, 6 x 10 greenhouse in the backyard, but a number of these greenhouse pods would add some interest and function to the yard without overpowering it. Thoughts?


    4 years ago

    Looks good, and better yet with my skill this appears doable :).


    5 years ago

    Great use of some old windows. This turned out great

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    Looks great. I really Like the old weathered look that the antique windows give it.