Introduction: DIY Window Washing Solution

You will need to gather your supplies before you begin:


1. A small container with a capacity of at least two cups

2. About two cups of warm water

3. A teaspoon of cornstarch

4. A newspaper - I usually use the grocery store ad

5. An old rag

Step 1: Add About Two Cups Warm Water to Your Container.

Step 2: Add About One Teaspoon Cornstarch to the Water.

Step 3: Stir Mixture Until Cornstarch Is Dissolved.

Step 4: Take the Rag and Completely Immerse It in the Water Mixture.

Step 5: Wring the Rag Out Over the Mixture Getting Rid of Extra Water.

Step 6: Wash the Inside of Your Window With the Moistened Rag.

Step 7: Take the Newspaper and Crumple It Slightly.

Step 8: Using the Crumpled Newspaper, Wipe the Inside of the Window With Up and Down Strokes Until It Is Dry.

Step 9: Moisten the Rag With the Cornstarch Mixture Again.

Step 10: Wring the Rag Out Again Getting Rid of Excess Water.

Step 11: Wash the Outside of Your Window With the Moistened Rag.

You may need to scrub harder if spots have stuck to the window.

Step 12: Take the Crumpled Newspaper and Wipe the Window Using Side to Side Strokes Until It Is Dry.

Step 13: Check the Window for Streaks.

Streaks in the window? If they are going side to side, then they are on the outside. If the streaks are running up and down, they they are on the inside.

Step 14: Using the Newspaper, Wipe the Window Again If There Are Streaks.

You will know whether to wipe the inside or outside depending on the direction of the streaks.

Step 15: You Now Have Clean Windows! Enjoy!