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Introduction: DIY Wire Art

Hello everyone,I am Varun,an electrical engineering student from Chennai.I made this Wire Art as a tribute for Nikola Tesla on his birthday this year.

Step 1: Supplies

By following this instructable,you can make a portrait of any person with the help of wires,tubes or other waste products which is available in our home.Here is all what you require :

1.A printer

2.Flex banner ( 12 x 8 feet )

3.Meter tape

4.Waste wires or tubes


6.Flex Kwik


8.Cutting machine


I have provided the purchase links of few rare materials in the following steps.Usually these materials are easily found in our home

The total cost for this project is approximately 2$

Step 2: Creating a Silhouette Image

Convert a real photo into a silhouette image using Photoshop or

In this instructable,I selected an image which is available in google.

Step 3: Drawing Grid Lines

Now take a printout and draw grid lines on printed copy of the image.Here I took a scale of 1x1 cm cube.You can also create grid lines through this website Art Tutor and finally take a printout.

Now draw grid lines on the flex banner choosing a scale 1x1 feet cube.Trace the lines on the banner with the help of a marker having the printout as a reference.

Step 4: Finishing With the Wires

Cut the wires into required sizes.I used cutting machine.Be careful while handling it.I used thicker wires for hair and coat and smaller wires for the rest.

Stick it over the black areas of the image with the help of Flex Kwik.Try not to harm your hands while using it. Give a fresh coat of black paint.For a shining effect,mix the paint with thinner in the ratio of 2:1.

Stick the banner to the wooden plywood of same area using Araldite and fix it to the wall with the help of a driller.

Give a try :)

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    7 years ago

    Looks great, can't wait to try this.


    7 years ago

    How is this an instructible? It is a product list and basically then "make your picture".

    Varun Suresh
    Varun Suresh

    Reply 7 years ago

    I have provided the materials and step by step instruction which u may find it if you slowly go through this instructable ;)

    Uncle Kudzu
    Uncle Kudzu

    7 years ago

    Very cool! I immediately recognized it as Tesla, although it looks kinda like you, too ;)


    7 years ago

    Where are the wires?