Introduction: D.I.Y-Wire-Wrapped Spiral Ring

I love BIG statement rings...I've seen them posted everywehere from faGlshion magazines, Instyle Magazine, Seventeen, and Lucky to d.i.y fashion blogs like, Glitter N' Glue and  Refinery 29. Even being showcased on some of today's hottest starlets like, Reality tv starlett and pop princess, Empire Girls, Adrienne Ballino to rap superstar pop-princess, Nikki Mannaj.  I wanted to create my own statement ring that I could rock all season long and this quick and easy diy is super simple to create.  It would be a true fashion crime to do make your own.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials: for Your Ring

What You Will Need:

* Ring Mandrel (If you don't have a ring mandrel you can use a pen or pill bottle
* Round Nose and Chain Nose Pilers
* Nylon Jaw Pilers (If you don't have these you can just use your chain nose pilers to straighten out the wire)
* 20 gauge craft wire
* Wire cutters
* Measuring Tape
* 2mm round bead (any color)

Step 2: Creating the Base for Your Ring

* Measure out your wire to 20 inces to create your shank (or base)
* Wrap your wire around the ring mandrel one sizer larger than your actual size ( for ex: If your a size 5, mark your wire at a size 6)
* Wrap your wire around 3x making sure that your wire tails aren't touching

Step 3: Starting the Spiral for Your Ring

* Aftter creating the base for your ring:
* Pull your wire tails up cutting off any excess wire to make your tails even
* Add your bead
* Push your bead all the way down to the bottom of your base make sure it's snug
* To secure your bead twist your bead to make sure it's secure

Step 4: Creating the Spiral Cont...

* Push the wire tails down with your thumb
* While holding the wire start create your spiral
* Gently wrap the wire tails around the hole of the bead creating your first spiral
* Continue wrapping the wire tail making sure your spiral lays against each new spiral you create
* Make your spiral as big or small as you like
* Leave a 4 to 6 inch tail at the end
* Remove your ring from the ring mandrel
* Wrap your wire tails around the bead base 3x
* Seperate your wire tails into a left and right tail
* Wrap your left wire tail around the ring base 3x
* Wrap the other tail about the opposite side of the ring base 3x
* Trim the excess wire
* Pinch in the wire tails with your chain nose pilers

Step 5: Statement Ring

Volia!!!! Your new d.i.y wire-wrapped statement ring is complete...Now, go and rock your new fashion piece.