Introduction: DIY Wireless Free Electricity Form Radio Waves in Kathmandu

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What I did, I tweaked it and made it even simpler and it has only two ends instead of four. The right size of pancake with two ends connected to the Arial’s and the ground works as the receiver. The long stretch of two arial , one connected to the ground eventually terminating to one end of pancake coil with the other end of pancake connecting to the next end of arial wire becomes the basic receiver of RF energy from Radio Nepal herein Kathmandu. Radio Nepal may be at a distance of some 3 km, but I am not sure of its transmission tower location.

The receiver circuit consist of pancake winding and the power transfer is picked by the induction coil up to a distance of some 5cm, beyond that it starts to flicker. I am sure this simplest innovation on wireless power with substantial gain may change the way we actually harness power in low energy drivers running almost everywhere one can imagine. To sum up tweaked pancake coil combination with a coupled induction circuit may lead to a numerous design combination to make TESLA wireless power transmission a big reality in coming days. Love you all…till next time.

Step 1: Create a Pancake Coil From Thick Insulated Wire

First step is to create a pancake coil over a CD. Stick one end wire near the center of CD with some wire jutting out from the hole on the other side. You may use a bit of tape initially to hold it firmly. Once you have enough wire wound around it.... use the sticky glue over the CD, and continue winding it till you create the pancake coil which looks almost like this in the picture.

Step 2: Next Step Is to Make the Receiver Coil

The receiver coil is 25 turns of enameled copper wire wound in a glass or small plastic holders what ever suits.

First make a turn and stick it to the jar with a tape firmly, continue winding it till you have 25 leaving some wires. Make sure to have enough wires at both the end.

Step 3: Third Step Is Find a LED Light of Low Volt From One to Three (1-3)

Third step is to connect the LED light with the copper coil, make sure to solder it properly so as to have a proper connection.

Step 4:

And the important step is to stretch and #Arial in fact two sets, I have one of enameled wire, and one of insulated copper wire stretching some 100m, and similarly the ground or earthing. Than comes the crucial part of connecting it to the assembly. One arial enameled copper connects to the ground and the next one is connected to Innovated wireless circuit #Patent Pending.

Step 5:

This step is the final one for the innovated wireless circuit. Make sure to connect the One end of pancake to the insulated copper arail, and the next end connected to the ground. Depending upon the length of the arial for >100 m plus the the next arial can be connected to the ground or left as it is also.

Step 6:

Now I am sharing the final picture along with the link to my YouTube Video.