DIY Witch House Using Recycled Cardboard.

Introduction: DIY Witch House Using Recycled Cardboard.

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In this video I'll show you how a "Haunted House" only from recycled cardboard to Amazon's shipping boxes :-)

I only bought colors and hot glue. It took me about six days to do it, not always working on it, but a few hours a day every now and then.

Step 1: Cut the Parts.

Take a cardboard box recycled, and cut the parts (wall with windows and door, roof, etc)

I started designing and cutting the walls of the house in the house, the advice to cut the windows and the door before starting to assemble the structures.

Step 2: Glue the Parts

First I glued the walls and the roof. Then I made the fireplace on a wall and the dormer window. I added some basic elements like windows and door.

Step 3: Put the Details.

When the basic shape was finished, I started to add smaller details like this is simpler. I tried to put them in a messy way to make the witches' house look realistically old and untidy.

Step 4: Color.

Cardboard is very good as a material as it is rough and adds a realistic texture when it is colored. I used acrylic colors.

Step 5: Finish.

I hope you enjoyed my video and had the inspiration to start your projects. Have a good time!

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1 year ago

Are there templates for the various parts?

PiBi Art Crafts
PiBi Art Crafts

Reply 2 years ago

Thank you


2 years ago

Very nicely done! : )