DIY Wood Burnt Dirt Bike Clock

Introduction: DIY Wood Burnt Dirt Bike Clock

Didn’t have the right clock part and couldn’t get the clock to fit and had to wait until I found the right part and figured out where to put the numbers


-Wood burner
-Circular log or piece of wood
-Clock mechanism

Step 1: Sand Wood

Sand wood until smooth

Step 2: Circumference and Drill

Find middle of wood, then drill a hole in the center of wood ( hole size will vary depending on the clock mechanisms size), next find radius, then find the circumference of the circle log (C=2🥧r)

Step 3: Numbers

Place marks for numbers and draw number in your own way for your project. Each number is 30 degrees apart, use a protractor to be precise in your measurements.

Step 4: Design It!

Draw and design your picture you are going to wood burn, can be anything doesn’t have to be a dirt bike, get creative with it.

Step 5: Wood Burn It!

Wood burn your numbers in and wood burn your design, ( be careful when using wood burner it is extremely hot)

Step 6: Add Clock Parts

Put together the clock pieces and adjust to the right time, ( clock instructions will vary depending on the type of clock mechanism you buy)

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