Introduction: DIY Wood Spice Rack With a Pallet Wine Glass Holder

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This is a really easy woodworking project, especially for beginners. I made this with some pieces of scrap wood and an old pallet.


- I used scraps of plywood and pine

- a pallet (optional)

- Wood putty or wood plugs

- Paint/stain


- Table saw

- Jigsaw

- Drill/screws

- Sander

Step 1: The Spice Rack

I had no plan going into this.

I had two large pieces of plywood from another project lying around, so I used those first. I checked the size of my spice bottles and made the back of the spice rack about 2.5x higher.

I cut the bottom piece of the spice rack wide enough to hold two rows of bottles and I made the top piece wider to display stuff on.

I used a jigsaw to cut simple waves in the side pieces of wood and cut a piece of wood for the front to keep the spice bottles from falling out. I also cut a decorative piece for the top using plywood and pine.

I wanted a heavy distressed look, so I pounded the spice rack with a hammer and poked it in places with a screwdriver. I also used wood putty instead of wood plugs to cover all of the screw holes. Doing this will give you a distressed rough look after lightly sanding.

Step 2: Stain and Paint

I had a pallet that perfectly held wine glasses. I cut it at an end the same width and length of the bottom of the spice rack. I screwed it on the bottom through the slats.

I sanded and then stained the inside and painted the outside dark green.

I mixed a little joint compound in with the paint to make it grainy. I also spot distressed the paint job with my sander until I got the look I was going for. My lovely wife is actually the fan of distressed paint jobs.

Step 3: The Pallet Wine Glass Holder

I love how the wine glasses slide in.

Step 4: Spice Bottles

We found these on sale and that started this unplanned spice rack project.

Step 5: The Finished Spice Rack

This was an easy two day project.

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