DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker + FM + PowerBank

Introduction: DIY Wooden Bluetooth Speaker + FM + PowerBank

Hello Everyone,
Here I made a Wooden Bluetooth Speaker + FM and also a Power Bank. I used Scrap parts from My Old Creative Speakers and Battery from Old Laptop Battery.

Step 1: Gather the Parts

Components :
1)- Bluetooth MP3 Decoder Board
2)- PAM8403 Audio Amplifier
3)- DC - DC Converter
4)- Power Bank Module
5)- LiIon / LiPo Battery (Scrap)
6)- Speakers (Scrap)
7)- Antenna (Scrap)
8)- Wooden Pieces (For Box)
9)- Speaker Wires

Step 2: Connection

For 5V Power Supply, I use LiPo / LiIon Battery with DC-DC Converter adjusted to 5V Output.
PAM8403 Input Audio Connected to Bluetooth Decoder Board AUDIO Output.

Step 3: Making the Box

Material : Teak Wood 8mm

Dimensions : 200mm x 100mm x 70mm

I bought it from a local wood shop

Front Panel : Hold the Speaker & Wrapped by Cloth

Box : Hold the Other Components

Holes : BT Decoder Board, Power Bank Output, Charging Port, Button & Antenna and Also for Air Ventilate

Paint :
✓ Sanded with 180 grit
✓ Two Coats of Wood Primer
✓ Sanded with 220 grit
✓ Two Coats of Brown Wood Paint

I covered the Inside of Box with Thin Sheet of Sponge.

Step 4: Final Product

Use Glue Gun or DoubleSide Tape to stick the Components Inside the Box.
Troubleshoot : Check Every Connection & Power Supply if It not Working properly.
Use Capacitor of 16V 100uf Parallel to Power Supply for Constant Power Supply.
I use Glue Gun to form button for Bottom Grip.
Test It?? Enjoy It!!.

Step 5: Testing

✓ Test the Charging Port

✓ Test the PowerBank Output

✓ Test the Speaker

Test It?? Enjoy It!!

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    4 years ago

    Nice reuse!