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Introduction: DIY Wooden Bracelet Holders

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In an effort to bring further order to the chaos that is my bedroom, I needed to find a way to store and neatly put away my jewelry. I also thought it would be cool to display my jewelry as decoration. I wanted pieces that could be displayed within a bedroom on a display shelf or dresser. Or it could go on top of an island in the middle of my dream walk-in closet (I'm already planning for my next house). The solution for my earrings and necklaces came in the form of a bathroom cabinet converted into a wall hanging jewelry box. Now for my dozens of bangles, I needed something specific to bracelets where I could easily identify my pieces and organize by color. I contemplated making bracelet holders out of flimsy paper towel tubes. However, many of my bracelets are heavy and require a little more support. So I decided to make a woodworking project out of it. It also gave me an excuse to buy that Ryobi router table I'd been eying for some time.

Cost: Approx. $14 for 4 holders

Materials: (This will make 4 bracelet holders)

1 - 48 in. x 2 in. Wood Round Dowel

1 - 7/8 in. x 48 in. Hardwood Dowel

2 - Any 2"x6" or 2"x10" piece cut down to 10" For the baseboard

8 - Wood screws 2 1/2" in length

Wood glue

Paint and Stain as desired

Required Tools:


7/8 spade bit (Note you only need the basic spade bit. Stay away from daredevil bit with the screw tip. That bit is too powerful for this small project).

OK, Let's Get Dirty!

Step 1: Cutting the Dowels

Cut the 48 in. x 2 in. Wood Round Dowel into 4 - 12" pieces (Note these pieces can be cut at your local hardware store or with a hand saw).

Cut the 7/8 in. x 48 in. Hardwood Dowel into 4 pieces: 2-6" pieces & 2-12" pieces.

Step 2: Drilling Partial Holes for the Dowels

Note: the spade bit shown in this picture is not the recommended type of spade bit. I picked up the daredevil bit and quickly realized this one not the right bit for this project. Please use a flat spade bit. Draw a pencil line down the center of the base board. This is where you will be drilling the holes for the dowels.

Step 3: Drill Wood Screw Holes

Once you've drilled the two partial holes to fit the dowels, use a drill bit the size of the screw and drill all the way through to the other side of the base.

At the center of the 2" drill a hole to fit the dowel using the spade bit then drill all the way through using a regular screw drill bit.

Step 4: Counter Sinking the Screw

Using a counter sink drill bit you can set the screw into the dowel to allow room for wood filler. Counter sinking the screw is at your discretion.

Step 5: Finishing the Baseboard

Using a router and router table, I finished the edges of the baseboard. This too is a personal preference.

You can simply smooth out the edges using a sander.

Step 6: Connect the Pieces

Drill a starter hole in either ends of the 7/8" dowel and screw the baseboard to the 7/8" dowel using wood screws and glue. Be sure to wipe off any excess glue.

Connect the 2" dowel to the 7/8" dowel using the wood screws and glue.

Step 7: Wood Filler

Use Wood filler to fill in any gaps including the hole created by the counter sink drill bit at the top of the 2" dowel.

Once the filler dries sand the it down gently.

Step 8: Make It Purrty!!

Once everything is set, dry and in place, MAKE IT PRETTY!

Feel free to stain it.

Re-stain it.

Paint over it. (I'm really indecisive today.)

And apply ribbons using a hot glue gun. Hobby Lobby was having an amazing sale on ribbons (50% off). So I went crazy.

Step 9: Fin

Now stack it with all your favorite bangles and be proud of what you've created.

Till Next Time! ~T.

Check us out at ToolBox Divas for more information on this project and many more!

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Reply 7 years ago

Thank u! I'm glad u liked it.


8 years ago

Thank you for the inspiration! I made one out of fire wood and scrap wood.


Reply 8 years ago

omg! that is So Cool!!! I love it that you used reclaimed material. Would it be OK if I share your work on my instagram account? @toolboxdivas