Introduction: DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

This instruction set will help you build a fairly simple yet charming piece of holiday decor. The instructions are specific to how we made our tree but the great thing about this project is that once the tree is assembled it can be personalized however you'd like!

Safety note: This project requires power tools that can be dangerous when not used properly. If you are not comfortable using these tools, get help from someone who is. Safety first!

Step 1: What You'll Need


● (2) 1x4 8 ft. rough cut cedar boards

● Wood stain (classic grey, 8oz.)

● White paint (8 oz.)

● Paint brush (2 inch.)

● White lights (optional)

● Decorative star (optional)


● Chop saw (Miter saw) with adjustable angle box

-Table to place saw on and supports to hold boards while cutting

-Protective eyewear

● Electric screwdriver

-Screws (1 ¼ in)

● Tape measure and pencil

Step 2: Procedure

1. Take one of the 8 foot boards and measure out 36 inches.
2. Using a pencil, draw a point at 36 inches.

3. Starting from the 36 inch point, measure and mark at a 45 degree angle on each end of the board.

4. Once you measured and marked angles, use a chop saw to cut wood. *Use protective eyewear*

5. Continue using same measurements (45 degree angle), measure out 28 inches for your next board.

6. You will continue to subtract 4 inches from the previous boards measurements. (36, 32, 28, 24, 20 inches…)

7. Having a total of 8 boards, each board should be 4 inches shorter than the previous board.

8. Use the remaining wood (33 inches long) to use as a back post for your 8 boards.

9. Center your measured boards on the back post (33 inch board) and arranged from shortest (top) to longest (bottom), leaving rough surface out.

10. Once you have placed your boards, take 3 screws for each board (24 screws total), aligning the 3 screws in the center of the board to attach to back post. Place screws in each board in a triangle form.

11. Using electric screwdriver, screw your boards onto the back post, making sure the boards a secure.

12. Next, using the classic grey stain, painting evenly across each board.

13. Once the stain has dried, use a clean paint brush to lightly dip in your white paint.

14. Dab your paintbrush off onto a piece of cardboard before using on your tree.

15. Lightly brush the paint on each board, leaving the grey stain still visible as the base color.

16. After paint has dried, your project is complete. Decorations such as lights and star are optional. (See photo for reference.)