Introduction: DIY Wooden Christmas Tree

This homemade wooden christmas tree was started by a building a wood base and supported by 1 1/2" by 5' cylindrical wood post, then each 2x4 has been cut to various lengths. Then a hole was cut at the end of each piece to slide around center post. Then we painted each 2x4 piece white. Once dry, we lined each side of the slab with neon green duct tape, after that we grabbed silver foil paper used for gift wrapping cut into stripes and then fringed. Finally we hot glued the strips of foil under each piece of 2x4 to strips on each piece along the outside edges. We then put each piece of finished 2x4 through the wood post and stacked one over another. We screwed in tiny metal hooks at the end of each 2x4 to hang the christmas ornaments.