Introduction: DIY Wooden Dog House

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This is a wooden dog house for dogs and any other small pet which is simple and easy to make it have a compartment for shelter from rain and cold weather and roof with stairs so It can sleep on roof when it's sunny day.

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4 x 12x12 inches plywood

1 x 3 feet by 1 feet plywood

4 x 17 inches wood piece for pillar

Wooden pieces as it will be measured as it's being made by taking dimensions




Step 1: Making a Box

Make a square with nails with all four pieces and cover it from both ends by cutting out the right length by placing it over the square , place glue on edges and place nails to secure it

Step 2: Making a Door

Mark by center of the front from 4 inches from both parts of left and right and make straight lines to the top and on that line mark on 9 inches and connect them together making a rectangle, place a bulb holder on it's top edges and mark a circular curve ,make a hole for the jigsaw cutter and cut around the mark and form a nice curved entrance for the box

Step 3: Making It's Pillars

Cut out the 17 inches wood piece and mark 1 inches for the legs support place it over the edges of box glue and hammer the nail in to the box from all sides

Step 4: Roof Making

Marking out the wooden and cutting it out on all the pillars gaps ,glue them and joint them for the roof edges

front and right side to be done same exact method and on the back it cut out around 18 inches so the stairs will be 6 inches,screw a piece of plyboard on the 18 inches pieces for the stairs support

Step 5: Making Stairs

cut out the 16 inches wood pieces and cut off 45 degree from both edges,Cut out the 6 inches wood pieces and place it under the 16 inches pieces and cut it cut about 4 pieces

screw them inside the wood forming a stair , cut out the 6 inches bedding wood and place over the step of stairs and mark out the cutting size of outer marking and cut off that part so it can be place on it easily make holes and places screw from it to the step , complete all four steps

Step 6: Covering Edges

Cut out small 45 degree wooden pieces and place right over the entrance and screw them and place bedding wood over it and screw it and repeat on all the edges to cover the roof coverage ,if you like this tutorial please vote for it and please watch the video if you don't understand something :)

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