Introduction: DIY Wooden Flowers Planter Box With Glass Jar | Hydroponics Vase Holder

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From time to time between my big woodworking projects, I like to make something simple and new for home decoration.

I had some small jars and I decided to make something using them - Wooden Planter Box / Frame. Why make one? I made 3 in different colors and put in them different flowers and plants.

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General List of tools I'm using -

Tools in this Instructable:

  • Miter Saw
  • Measuring tape
  • Drill driver with cone drill bit
  • Sanding paper / Sander
  • Paint brush / Roller / Wipe
  • Electric nail gun


  • Glass Jar (8.5cm H * 5.5cm Diameter)
  • 10mm * 95mm wood profile (pine)
  • Wood glue
  • Wood filler
  • Strong glue (for metal + wood)
  • Very small screws (< 10mm)
  • Chalked paint or another
  • Clear protective topcoat (Varathane Satin Water-Based Interior Polyurethane)

Step 1: Preparing the Miter Saw for Bevel Cut

I started by setting the sliding miter saw to bevel cut of 45 degrees.

In my saw, there is a handle on the back which should be unlock, and locked again after setting the required vertical angle.

Step 2: Cutting the Wood Pieces

I prepared 3 boxes / frames, so I cut 12 pieces of 14cm from the wood profile.

In my case, I used 10mm * 95mm pine wood profile.

Step 3: Pieces Are Ready

Step 4: Preparing the Top Piece - Hole in the Wood

Before connecting the 4 parts of each box, I prepared the top piece which hold the jar, otherwise it will be harder to make it later.

I drilled a 2cm hole using a cone drill bit.

Step 5: The Jar

I used glass Jars with height of 8.5cm and diameter of 5.5cm.

Step 6: Preparing the Top Piece - Hole in the Jar Cover

I removed the covers from all jars, and drilled a 2cm hole in each cover, using a cone drill bit.

Step 7: Gluing the Cover to the Wood

I connected the jar covers with the holes, to the top box woodedn part with the hole, using a strong glue which is good for many materials (Metal and wood as well).

Step 8: Connecting the Cover to the Wood

For a final secured connection, I connected some very small screws from the cover to the wood.

Step 9: Checking the Jars Connection

I checked that each jar can be connected and removed from the cover and the covers are well connected.

The jars should be easily removed and connected later, everytime it's required to fill / replace water in the jars.

Step 10: Gluing the Box

I connected the 45 degrees box parts using wood glue.

Step 11: Checking 90 Degrees Angle

Step 12: Nailing the Box Frame

After the wood glue was drying for few minutes, I nailed one nail in each pair of wood pieces, using an electric nail gun.

Step 13: Filling Holes

I filled all the holes in the wooden box, using a wood filler, including the holes made by the nail gun and other holes.

Step 14: Sanding the Box

I sanded the wooden box for removing all wood filler leftovers.

Step 15: Painting the Box - 3 Different Colors

I decided to have 3 different colors for the boxes, so I painted one in light blue (Chalked paint "soothing blue"), one in white and the third was left without paint - natural.

I didn't make opaque painting, but semi transparent. I also sanded it later on the corners, for a 'vingage' look.

Step 16: Painting the Box With Clear Protective Top Coat

Finally, I painted each box with a clear protective top coat.

Step 17: Boxes Are Ready

Step 18: Connecting the Jars and Putting Flowers & Plants

I filled water in each jar, and then connected them to the wooden boxes.

Finally, I put some flowers and plants in each box.

Step 19: The Result

Thats it.

It's easy to remove the jars and fill or replace the water from time to time.

What do you thing about the result?

Step 20: The Video

You can watch the video to see the full process of the project.

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