Introduction: DIY Wooden Key Head

Key Head, one of the most ignored thing in our life. But imagining a key without a Head would be a nightmare, specially for me !! :-P

After a very long time I rode my bicycle and it was so fun doing it. But then I noticed that my Bicycle Key's HEAD was missing and at that moment I decided to give it a new HEAD.

I decided to give it a Wooden Head because wood was the most easily available material for me. Also, it is very easy to shape wood.

In this Instructable I will show you one of the most easy method to make a Wooden Key Head.

Step 1: Materials and Tools Required

For making this Instructable you will require the following Materials :

  • 2 small pieces of wood (I don't know what kind of wood is that I got it from a nearby carpentry shop as it was of no use to them)
  • Epoxy Glue
  • A key

Tools Required :

  • A Firmer Chisel
  • A Mallet
  • A File
  • A Hand Saw
  • Sand Paper
  • A Drill Bit of required size
  • A Pair of Pliers
  • Rubberband

Step 2: Slot for Key

Make a marking for the slot with the help of a pencil. Then with the help of a screwdriver deepen the marking.

Then by using a Firmer Chisel make narrow cuts in the wood.

Do it until large number of cuts are produced. Then remove wood across those cuts with the edge of the firmer chisel to make the slot.

Also keep in mind that the cuts which are produced must be along the grains of wood.

I used this method because the width of my firmer chisel was 25 mm and for making such types of cuts you require a chisel of width 10 mm.

But this method too gave the same results.

If you are not having a Firmer Chisel you can even make the slot with the help of a very sharp and strong knife by following this method.

Step 3: Slot Produced

After following the above method you will get a Perfect Slot.

Step 4: Removing Rust

With the help of a Sandpaper remove the rust form the key. So that the wooden head can be easily fixed on it.

Step 5: Mixing of Glue

I have used an Epoxy Glue, it posses two parts which are to be mixed in equal proportion. But after mixing them I added wood powder to it. As the wood pieces that I used had uneven surface. So in order to fill the gaps I mixed wood powder in the glue.

You can make wood powder by filing a piece of wood and use the residue wood powder.

Step 6: Applying Glue

Apply the glue mixture on both the wood pieces. Then fix the key in the slot that we made earlier.

Step 7: Pressing the Wood

Place the other piece and press them together by a pair of pliers. Then tighten the joint with the help of some Rubber band.

Step 8: Cutting

Allow the piece to dry for atleast 12 hrs. Then saw the extra part with the help of a Hand saw.

Step 9: Chiseling and Sanding

Chisel the unwanted wood to give it a proper shape. Then with the help of a Sand Paper give it a smooth finish.

Step 10: Drilling a Hole

Make a hole in the wood with the help of a drill of required size.

Step 11: Finished

The new Key Head is ready!!..

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