Introduction: DIY Wooden Ruler Knife

Hello everyone, this is my first instructable and I have decided to do it on wooden ruler knives.
The reason I chose this is because it seems no one has really done it, it is also a awesome touch to your knife collection. anyways enjoy, :))).

Step 1: Materials

The materials that we will be needing for this project are, string, electrical tape preferably coloured, black marker, silver marker and a craft knife. (File optinal but recommended)

Step 2: Design

Draw a cool looking knife design on a peice of paper, then trace your knife design onto your ruler. It should look something like the pictures above.

Step 3: Roughly Cutting Out Your Knife.

As you will find out, these rulers are extremely brittle and cand break really easy. It is important to cut the shape of your knife out verry roughly.

Step 4: Getting Rid of Excess Bits.

Now we are going to get rid of all the excess bits they we didn't get before (be really careful at this point it could break)

Step 5: Filling It Down. (Optional Step)

Now we are getting to the tricky parts. You want to get your file and get rid of your rough and excess bits that you didn't manage cut of of the knife before. ( filing is a lot safer than cutting.)

Step 6: Decorating and Making the Bevel

Before you start carving the bevel/grind I highly recommend that you practice sharpening a stick or something like that.
Once you feel ready to start making the edge of the knife sharp pull out your craft knife and carve away. Once done making the bevel, colour the knife black using a marker, then make the bevel/grind silver.

Step 7: Handle

For the handle I wrapped 1 layer of electrical tape around The handle, then wrapped a smal peice of string around te Handle in a Criss cross manner. I then added a few more layers of tape on each side of the handle to keep the string in place.

Step 8: Finished.

You have now completed your knife, if you want you can add some Chinese charachters like I did aswell using the silver marker.