Introduction: DIY Wooden Snowman

These were a big hit! 
I saw similar ideas, but as part of a baseball-loving family, I put my own twist on it.
I may try to show pictures of each step - but it's pretty simple.

I used a standard 8' landscape timber (4x4 rounded). 
Cut one length 21" (body) and another 3 1/2" (cap)
I also used a 6" piece of "recycled" dog-ear fence board for the bill of the cap.

SAND Everything WELL! These have pretty deep pits & splinters on them, and I found that sanded wood holds the paint a lot better.

Once sanded, Place the bill on top of the body where you want it. Pre-drill a small hole through the bill - into the body & remove for later.
Paint the body (I rolled 2 coats of exterior semi-gloss on it) 
While waiting for the body to dry, Place a nail in the pre-drilled hole on the bill, and cover it with the top of the cap. Pre-drill holes on either side of the nail, and put screws in (the nail will be exposed through the bottom of the cap).

Paint the cap. 
I used spray paint to cover the bottom of the cap well (some of the under side of the cap will show once assembled). 
I then stuck the cap into some scrap board (which held by the nail produces an easy way to reach the rest of the cap without getting paint everywhere) - paint the rest of the cap and let dry.

Once all pieces are dry, Place the cap on top of the body, and drive the nail in the pre-drilled hole on top of the body. (Doing this ensures that the cap fits right)

Glue (or nail) buttons for eyes and down the front (I did both - as I had some extra small brads)
On this one, I formed a wooden nose and painted it orange. This is very time-consuming - and I only did one this way. For the rest, I picked up a pack of orange foam ear plugs (great find at the dollar store!) that worked just as well. I used wood glue to attach. 

So, super easy to make and like I said, a big hit for Christmas! Good luck!!

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