DIY Wooden Toothbrush

Introduction: DIY Wooden Toothbrush

This is how I made a (safe and usable) wooden toothbrush from scratch with very few tools and materials. This project was very fun and easy and took about 30 minutes. I definitely recommend trying this for yourself.

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Step 1: Video

This video will show you all the steps needed to take in order to make this toothbrush, as well as the materials and tools needed.

Link for viewing on older devices:


-1/2 in. thick oak or similar wood board

-Cheap toothbrush (that you don't mind destroying)

- Gorilla Wood Glue (non-toxic)

-Oil (I used Canola oil because its food safe)


-Jigsaw/coping saw/bandsaw

-Files + rasps or a router with a rounding bit

-Sandpaper (60 grit to 240 grit)

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    3 years ago

    Hey there - do you mind re-uploading the video? I'd love to see what you did.