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Introduction: DIY Workbench

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I made this workbench to solve many garage problems and be multifunctional. It is awesome for:

  • A space/area to complete projects
  • Organizing and storing power tools and other household/garage items on the lower shelves
  • Functioning as an extension of a table saw for larger/longer pieces of wood

Step 1: Why PlayWood?

I was tired of loosing my tools and above all I was stressed because I had not a proper space to work on my projects. So I decided to start thinking about what I expected from a workbench, what my need were, what I was able to build.

PlayWood helped me in answering all these questions and thanks to this technology, I built my own workspace in the cheapest and fastest way possible. Absolutly worth it!

Step 2: What Do I Need?

For the realization of this furniture, I used fir layers boards with a thickness between 16 and 19 cm (3/4" and 7/8").

To be more precise, I used:

  • 12 PlayWood Connectors 90°
  • 8 Fir Layers Boards 80 x 40 cm - 31,50" x 15,75"
  • Allen Key

Step 3: How Do I Build It?

I first assembled the panels obtaining two rectangular shapes: one of them is going to be my workdesk; the other one will be covered with a panel and will be a sort of storage for wooden pieces or bigger tools.

I joint all the wooden boards with PlayWood connectors, withouth nailing or drillng the materials.
That means I could use all the items once again and re-assemble my project in a different way.

Step 4: What Are You Waiting For?

The beauty of this innovative system is that you can design each piece of furniture on the basis of your personal needs. So I did! What's best about DIY? And why haven't you already begun assembling your workbench?

Step 5: Tutorial

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