Introduction: DIY Wound Healing Limb Models

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For my Science Semester Assignment I did the topic "How do Wounds Heal". I chose to incorporate some 3D Models of the stages. This is how I made them...

Step 1: Cling Wrapping My Arm

Firstly I wrapped my arm with about 3-5 layers of cling wrap.

- MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT DO THIS TIGHTLY! As this could cut off your circulation.

Step 2: Taping My Arm

Then I taped over the cling wrap, [the picture was taken when I just ran out of tape and had to use another roll, by the way this is the second arm), when I was taping I went from my wrist to the elbow crease. Make sure you tape on the cling wrap and not your skin. I did around 10+ layers of tape.

- MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT DO THIS TIGHTLY! As this could cut off your circulation.

Step 3: Cutting the to Be "arm" Off

I used scissors to cut the model off, make sure you cut in a straight line and try not to cut yourself. You can prevent cuts by doing little (1cm) repetitive cuts. Once you have cut the model off, tape along the cut you just made.

Step 4: Filling the Arm

Next I taped one end closed and then filled it with bags, I used regular plastic shopping bags. Once you have compacted the arm densely, tape the open end shut. Then I taped the whole arm again with around 4-5 layers.

Step 5: Wound

For the wound I used the glue from a glue stick and then used a skewer to spread it around. After that I then got a red pen ink thingo and used the ink as colouring. (The first picture is for the later stages, scarring, and the second photo is the stage where the wound actually happened.)

Step 6: Be Careful!

Make sure not to tip the arm on to the carpet! I learnt the hard way!

Step 7: Scarring Wound

This is the scarring wound, so about 5-6 weeks after the wound. First off I added glue and moulded it to a lump. Set that to dry, and then got some liquid foundation. Once the glue was dried I applied the foundation leaving some room on the top for some blood, to represent the redness and soreness, I also added some blood around the scar as well.