DIY Woven Hat Made With Recycled Bags

Introduction: DIY Woven Hat Made With Recycled Bags

In this instructable, you will learn to make a recylcled, woven hat, out of plastic bags.

Step 1: Getting the Materials

You will need any color, any brand plastic bags. It depends on how large your finial project will be for how many you need.

Step 2: Cutting the String

Take a bag, and fold it over three times. Use scissors and cut 1-2 inch strips.

Step 3: Gathering String

Put the small strips of cut string in a pile. Discard all the top handles, and bottom seam of bag.

Step 4: Making String

Unfold small strips, and form a circle. Take a few, and slip knot them. Wrap up the new string in a bundle.

Step 5: Weaving

Take your new string, and a standard loom, and weave as you would normally. You have now completed the steps to making a hat!

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    4 Discussions


    1 year ago

    I'm very impressed with this project. Thank you very much.

    To the naysaying public! Yes, you.
    I'm an average guy, and knitting is something you do with needles, pencils, chopsticks, etc., and not a loom. If there is a loom in any form, it fits with weaving. IMO if you want precision exactingly to professional standards then you are in the wrong place. Really. Shame on you for spreading the socially-communicable disease of negativity. The rest of us are looking for a cure. We won't give up on finding it.


    1 year ago

    Great Recycling idea!!!


    Question 1 year ago on Step 5

    This is surely knitting, not weaving!
    In this case, being worked on a "knit- loom" (deceptively and annoyingly termed by some).
    However, the structure being formed is one of the single-element loopings, this one classed as knitting. Nice idea for recycling though!

    Captain Dutchlass

    Seems to me that this one falls under knitting (and/or recycling), not weaving.