Introduction: DIY Writable Magnetic Screw Mat From Old Fridge Magnets

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Are you annoyed of losing screws while you are working on a project or while you are repairing something ?

If so, this magnetic screw mat is solution to you. Since it is made of magnets and whiteboard sticker you can put screws on this mat and on the whiteboard surface write where the screw belongs to.

Step 1: Find a Suitable Magnets

I used old magnets from my fridge, since I do not need them there. Make sure that you try if they can hold screws, otherwise your mat will be useless. I got these magnets from yoghurts when i was younger.

Step 2: Stick Magnets to the Whiteboard Sticker

Stick your magnets with the magnetic side towards the sticky side of sticker. You can choose any pattern of your mat, I chose a rectangle pattern because i had only six of those magnets. You can buy these stickers from basically anywhere (I got mine from GearBest

Step 3: Finalize Your Mat and Enjoy Using :)

Cut the excess whiteboard sticker. Now you can use your magnetic mat. I hope it will help you organize your screws while you are working on something. Do not forget to use whiteboard marker :D.

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