Introduction: DIY XXL Compass

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In this Instructable, I will show you how to build your own workshop compass from leftover wood.

Step 1: Materials and Tools


Leftover wood.

Metal screw and bolt.

A pencil.



Drill+Drill bits.

A pen.

Measuring tape.


A carving blade.

A hammer.

Step 2: Design and Cut

Draw and cut the 2 arms of the compass from the wood plate (like in the photo).

The measurements for each arm are 4 cm for the top, and 2 cm the bottom and the length is around 30 cm.

Step 3: Carve and Fit

Draw a diagonal line on each arm or place them on top of each other in a diagonal way so that they ll fit inside each other and Carve them using a blade,the carving depth equal to 1/2 of the wood depth of the arms.
you can also cut them into shape using a table saw.

Step 4: The Pinpoint and the Pencil

The pin-point

Drill an angled hole in one of the arms, and put the screw all the way through it.

The pencil

Cut a 15 cm stick of wood and drill the width of the pencil you ll be using.

For the depth, 5 cm should be enough to keep it in place.

Screw it on the other arm making sure the pin-point and the pencil along with the arms will have the same length.

Step 5: Assemble and Test

Drill a hole for the metal screw in the top part of the arms and assemble your compass.

Test it out.

P.S: if the arms are too long, they could weaken the stability of the compass.In that case, you could screw a round piece of wood ( layout in the last photo ),as a stabilizing add-on in the middle of one the arms, and a wood screw in the Second one.This will solve the problem.

I hope you enjoyed this Project and found it useful!

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