Introduction: DIY Yarn Ornaments and Hurricane Vase Filler

Youve seen how to make DIY hurican vases in THIS instructable. Now, what do you fill it with. Most pay money to fill with items like store bought tree ornaments or poine cones.

In this instructable, you will leran how to make DIY ornaments to fill that vase or trim your Christmas Tree without spending the big bucks.

These ornaments make great gifts with that personal touch and when Christmas is over, they will go along with that "expensive" vase you bought them.  It really is the gift that keeps on giving.

Step 1: Collect Your Supplies

Yarn is very cheap.  For a couple of dollars you can purchase more then enough yarn for your project.  You'll also see that I added scrap paper to the middle so I wouldn't have to wrap as long. 

* Yarn
* scissors
* scrap paper
* glitter (optional)

Step 2: Wrap and Tie

Wrap and Tie.  It's as simple as that.

1) Wad up paper
2) Tie loop in yarn
3) Tie yarn to paper
4) Wrap till you can no longer see paper and the ball is desired size
5) Tie loose end to loop and snip loose string
6) Optional Step - you can add glitter if you desire

Step 3: Decorate

This is the kind of thing you would find at Crate and Barrel for way too much money.  The would look great on your tree but you are not limited to hanging them.  They look great in hurricane vases and if you make them the size of a baseball, they would look great in a bowl as your coffee table centerpiece.

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