Introduction: DIY Your Own Voltmeter

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hello in this instructables we will see how to create your own voltmeter that can measure up to 100v DC

Step 1: Equipment

for this tutoriels you need :

- mini-dc-voltmeter => link

- felt pen

- wire

- battery 3,7v

- audio jack

- push button

- Epoxy glue

Step 2: Drill the Holes

in this step you will need to drill two rectangular holes one to accommodate the mini dc voltmeter and the other to put the push button

Step 3: Follow the Diagram and Solder the Components

for the audio jack it is necessary to solder the 3 ends with only one wire, repeat the action for a second time; after connecting all the components together according to the second diagram

Step 4: Glue All

after soldering all the components, place them in the felt and stick the push button and the mini dc voltmeter with the epoxy glue so that it does not move any more

Step 5: Add Battery

add the battery and close it all

Step 6: Testing

you can test the voltmeter by taking a voltage source (battery, solar panels) the + is on the felt, and the - is the other part of the wire

Step 7: Video

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