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Introduction: DIY a Bluetooth Speaker

About: I am an electronic hobiest and computer science engineer . Who loves and enjoys making cool projects.

I always wanted to make my own Bluetooth speakers, so in this build, I made a Bluetooth Seapker from very few components.It has a battery backup facility that can last up to 48hrs.

The Build process is simple, as there is a board available which is a Bluetooth audio module and has integrated class D amplifier built into it.

Can provide power to drive two 3W speakers.

So let's get started.!

Step 1: Gathering the Components.

This Build requires few components and some electrical tools.

  • Segolike DC 5V Bluetooth Power Amplifier Board Micro USB Digital Amplifier Module Audio Receiver 2*3W Audio Amplifier

  • TP 4056 Micro USB 5V 1A 18650 Lithium Battery Charger PCB Board TP4056 With Protection Module

  • DC-DC Step Up Ultra Small Power Module Booster

  • Speakers: I found mine from the old speaker box. You can get them too from the old speaker box.

  • A toggle switch

  • A Lithium-Ion Battery 18650, I have got it from old laptop battery pack.

  • Some wires, Soldering Iron, Soldering wire and patience.

Step 2: Complete Circuit Diagram

The Connections are Simple and easy, just follow the diagram and it will be cool.

Step 3: Placing the Components in the Case

I have used the earlier speaker case to hold the components inside.

Also, I have removed the TP4056 module's LEDs with regular ones, and also the Bluetooth Led to a regular one.


One thing that sometimes speaker won't wake up even when turned on, coz the lithium-ion goes to sleep due to low current consumption by the board. So to wake up the box, just plug the charger into it and it will wake up.

And With that, it is complete.

Great You made your Own Bluetooth Module.

Check out this project video and Other projects in my YouTube channel:

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2 years ago

Hi mate,
Good job but this setup won't work correctly when you playing stereo sound/music. You need to add few resistors to convert the stereo to mono.


Question 5 years ago

About The computer parts do the LED's come with it or did you have to purchase them separately? I'm confused where the LED's come in.


Answer 5 years ago

Actually the Lithium ion charging module comes with its own less , but they are smd ones... And also they are on board. So I had to remove them and add wires to the pads and then to big leds to make them visible