DIY a Handbag Hor Your Grilfriend




Introduction: DIY a Handbag Hor Your Grilfriend

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Christmas is coming soon. Does the gift you should give your girlfriend annoy you?

Today I will recommend a hand-made handbag for you, which is the best gift for your girlfriend. Good-looking, stylish, and simple to make.

Step 1: Step 1,Prepare Materials

We need to prepare soft plastic checkered board, scissors, wool ball, pins, pins, handbag metal chain, D-shaped buckle, badge

Step 2: Step 2,Crop

We need to cut out the shape of the handbag on the plastic board. Then mark the blue and white needlework in the grid

Step 3: Step 3:Stitch With Needle and Thread

Follow the markings in the second step, we pass the white wool through the pin, and then start to fill with the white thread

Step 4: Step 4:Install Metal Buckle

We need to install metal buckles on both sides of the handbag. Be sure to fix the metal buckles with needles.

Step 5: Step 5 :Hook and Install the Metal Chain

After we fill the blue wool, we need to fold the handbag into a solid shape, and use the blue wool to hook and reinforce it. Then install the metal chain on the D buckle

Step 6: Step 6 :Add Decoration

In order to make the handmade bag look more beautiful, we can add some metal decorations to it. Just like these Christmas LAPEL PINS, cartoon pin badges. Finally, choose a good-looking packaging box to pack the handbag, and write a greeting card. Your girlfriend will like it very much

Step 7:

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