Introduction: DIY- a Line Tartan Dress

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these are what you need.
1. basic bodice pattern
2. tartan cotton fabric (*my size is xtra small, I need only 2m)
3. plain cotton fabric 1m
4. pin and pin cushion
5. fabric scissor
6. thread
7. seam ripper
8. chalk (*mine is water erasable pen)
9. lace 2m
10. zipper 50cm

Step 1: Cut the Fabric (skirt/ Bottom Dress)

this is how you place the skirt pattern on the fabric.
the seam allowance 1,5 inch on the back part is for zipper.

Step 2: Cut the Fabrics (top)

1. cut the front top according to the basic bodice pattern.
2. the front side is folding
3. add the back side 1,5 inch for zipper (the one I put red ** mark
4. don't forget to add each side with 2cm seam allowance

Step 3: Sew the Dress (back Side)

1. sew the dart of the top
2. gather the skirt and top
3. stitch according the seam allowance. be careful to put the good side and the bulk side of the fabric.
4. attach the zipper
5. use invisible zipper foot to make the job easier
6. this is the result

Step 4: Cut the Fabric (sleeves)

1. cut sleeves 2 pcs 3/4 your size. don't forget the seam allowance from the basic pattern.
2. cut the tartan fabric for the combination 1,5 x width of the basic sleeves (my size is 32cm for the width of sleeves. so I cut the tartan 48cm)
3. put mark for the middle of the fabric. just cut small pieces.
4. this is how the mark look like

Step 5: Sew the Dress (front Side)

1. sew the dart and gather with the front skirt
2. joint both front & back dress. start from the connection of the top and tartan
3. carrefuly to stitch start from this point. then attach the lace

Step 6: Sew the Sleeves

1. pin the tartan from each side and the middle (*the small cut mark
2. make raffles every 1inch
3. stitch together
4 & 5. attach the lace

Step 7: Finishing the Neck Line

1. cut the fabric for neckline precisely according to the pattern
2. carefully stitch good side meet good side
3. cut small pieces every 1 inch. be carefull not to cut the stitches
4. the result. this small cut is to make the neck circle look clean and beautiful
5. stitch the inside part of the layer to get the beautiful shape then press it.

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