Introduction: DIY a PCB Board of Bistable Circuit With Eagle

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I want to build a bistable circuit with a pcb board but I don't want to send my eagle pcb to the manufacture factory so I DIY an pcb like this.

What is bistable circuit?
Bistable circuit is a circuit in which the circuit is stable in either state. It can be flipped from one state to the other by an external trigger pulse. This circuit is also known as a flip flop. It can be used to store one bit of information.

Now let's try to build a bistable on our DIY pcb board.

Step 1: Material

Material list:

1k resistor x 1;

33k resistor x 2;

LED x 2;

2n3904 NPN type transistor x 2;

10 uF capacitor x 2;

button battery holder;

button battery;

Step 2: Add Enough Components on Our Eagle:

You need to get the right components of the right pakage.

Step 3: Finish the Circiuit Connection of the Components:

If you want to connect the 2n3904 like the above, you need to mirror the left 2n3904.

Step 4: Generate the Pcb Paper:

You need to move the components to the right position and finish the
connection and then hide the useless layer. After that our eagle paper has finished.

Step 5: Print the Eagle Paper to the Heat Transfer Paper

You need to print this circuit by the laser toner printer.

Step 6: Heat Transfer and Corrode.

You need to paste the paper on last step with the copper clad caminate
and then put it in the heat transfer machine.After that, put the copper clad caminate into the etching solution.

Step 7: Drilling Holes

You need to drill the holes.

Step 8: Soldering

Add the components and solder.

We also can make a pcb by make a photosensitive pcb board.I will show you next time.
Thanks for reading.