Introduction: DIY a Pedometer Bracelet by Intel Edison And.....Paper

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In this project, I’ll show you how to DIY a pedometer with paper, you can find all the electric modules in the Xadow Wearable Kit for Intel Eidson.

Maybe the experience for this DIY pedometer is worse than your fitbit, but the journey of making things can make man feel better. Well, Now let’s begin our journey of making!

Step 1: What Do We Need

Step 2: The Shell Part

The Shell part work is by Nosk, and he is an intelligent designer, you can download his drawings by click here.

1. Laser Cut the board using the Design Drawing. After laser cutting, can be obtained following components.

  • Translucent acrylic plate * 10
  • Transparent acrylic plate * 1
  • Wrapping paper * 1

2. In addition, you also need the following structure:

  • M2 nylon rivet * 16pcs
  • M3 nylon rivet * 2 pcs
  • M3 screw * 20 pcs

Of course, you also need a screwdriver to the screw, then you can install it ~

Step 3: Assembly Work

First, build a complete hardware part, as follows

Next, use the M2 rivets fixed the hardware washed on kraft paper

After completing the hardware is fixed, begin installing aluminum shaft.

After completing installation of aluminum shaft, then install translucent acrylic panels.

Note that the two aluminum shafts, one is going to kraft paper fastened together, when the mounting screws are first installed on this side.

To complete the first section of the installation, the subsequent part of the installation in the same way.

Before then press the last two side plates mounted units.

Finally, Use M3 rivets connected end to end.

Step 4: Software Work

We assume you have connected your Xadow - Edison Programmer board to Xadow – Edison well with FFC. Just as the picture below shows.

1. Download the code from Github.

2. Click “Download zip” button on right side of webpage to download all codes.

3. Decompress the downloaded zip files to“C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Arduino\” and remove “-master” in decompressed file name.

4. Launch Arduino IDE.

5. Click Sketch>Add file to add EdisonBle.ino file from“C:\Users\Administrator\Documents\Arduino\16.EdisonPedometer\Code\Pedometer”

6. Click Tools, and the board select Intel Edison. Just as the below picture shows.

7. Press CTRL +U to upload codes to your board. Wait a while, there will be prompt like following figure: Congratulations,you have already completed the most of the work.

Step 5: Procedure to Autostart the Arduino Sketch on Edison

There are many ways to do this, but I think the article written by Karthik M. is easy enough. Please put hand on here to learn more.

Step 6: The Result

Now,Reboot your edsion, and the pedometer will work.

Step 7: Make. Invent. Do.

This project is made as an Open Source Project. It's a starting point. Let your creativity go wild with the mechanical, electrical and software design. Make the demo your own. Decorate it. Improve the work. No matter what, write a instructable about it.

To share and progress together.

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