Introduction: DIY a Sit Time Tracking Equipment

About: This is jimmy

A 2 days "What's Next Hackathon" event held in the company to inspire us to image future designing, future making...We set up a 4 member team, plan to DIY a product cares colleagues' health in office, we call it ihealthier. This can be a series, we decided to do a sit time tracking equipment in these 2 days for the first product. How the product works? It can be placed on differnt type of chair, or just put on the desk. Then it will begin to track the sit time of colleague who sit on the chair. If he/she keeps on sitting over 1 hours(This time can be customized), the equipment will trigger an alert to remind he/she to stand up and take a break. The timer will restart if he/she come back and sit on the chair. And he/she also can visit a website to view his/her sitting time statistics.

Step 1: Step1: Electronic Part

Materials prepared:

  • Arduino Uno board
  • Wemos D1 board
  • HC-SR04 Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Buzzer
  • Dupont Wire

We use Wemos D1 board to connect Wifi, and collect distance data from Ultrasonic Sensor then send them to IoT. IoT store the useful data and there is also a server to make logic control according to the data change. The Arduino Uno board is to trigger alert after IoT response a break signal. We first use develop board and bread board to make connection validation and debug, then assemble them together.

Step 2: Steps: Modeling and Printing

At the same time, we use Autodesk 123D Tinkercad to make model of the box, and then print it by 3D printer. Pay attention: it will be better to do the model after electronic parts done, so that we can get the exact size. We do it at the same time, because we only have 2 days and it will take long time to print model.