Introduction: DIY a Turnable With Two Motors

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At first, I always want to have a shooting turntable, and recently I found that there happened to be two idle geared motors. So, I wondered if I could make a turnable with them. Without further ado, I am gonna give it a try!


The reduction ratio of the motor is 1:120. With the two gearboxes just increasing the power, the speed is reduced to about 1 revolution per 1 minute.


1. TT Geared Motor with Back Shaft *1

2. TT Geared Motor (can be replaced by the back shaft one) *1

3. Rubber Wheel for A4WD and A2WD (Pair) *1

4. 7.4V Lipo 2500mAh Battery (Arduino Power Jack) *1

5. USB Charger for 7.4V LiPo Battery *1

6. Paperboard *N

7. Black Masking Paper *1

8. Black Electrical Adhesive Tape *1

9. Ice Cream Bar *10

10. 3-Pin Rocker Switch *1

11. 1kΩ Potentiometer with Rotary Button *1

Step 1: Disassemble the Motor

Get everything ready for the project, and then here we go!

  • Take the motor with the back shaft, and then remove the gearbox.
  • Remove the gear on the motor axis first.
  • Prise open the gussets on both sides of the motor.

Step 2: Refit the Motors

1. Remove the copper wire of the motor and the metal winding on the shaft rod.

2. Set the shaft rod aside.

3. Drill a 6.5mm hole on the white back cover of the motor

4. Apply quick-dry glue on the rod and insert it into the shaft of the geared motor with the back shaft.

5. Put the white back cover on the rod.

6. Put the motor case on the rod.

7. Put the gussets on the two sides

8. Remove the shell of the motor, fixed the buckle of the motor and insert them into the shaft together

9. Install the gear removed before

10. Put on the gearbox and screw it on

At this point the two motors can also rotate each other, they must be fixed. The two motors can be held by small boards made of ice cream bars

Step 3: Pad Ice Cream Bars on the Motor

The bottom of the motor must also be padded with ice cream bars, which are later glued to the bottom plate of the turntable.

Step 4: Cut the Cardboard

Draw a circle on the cardboard. I drew a circle with a diameter of 25cm. Use a carving knife to cut the circle on the cardboard.

Step 5: Connection

I used a 7.4V Lipo-Battery and battery charger with a USB interface as the power source. Of course you can select another way to power them.

Also, I used the 1kΩ potentiometer, a matching rotary button hat, and a 3-pin rocker switch.

Connect all the parts as the diagram shows.

Step 6: Glue the Motor

After connecting, glued the motor and battery to the paperboard. When the motor is glued, it is necessary to pay attention to align the shaft with the center of the paperboard

Step 7: Making the Case Body

1. Cut a 10cm wide strip paperboard.

2. My paperboard has 5 layers, I am going to tear apart two of them.

3. Cut it as the picture shows so that it can be bent.

4. Fix the potentiometer on the base plate

5. Open a hole of the size of the potentiometer's shaft at the corresponding position on the 10cm wide strip of cardboard

6. Glue the strip paperboard on the side

7. Glue the joints for reinforce

Step 8: Decorate and Reinforce the Enclosure

1. Glue the black masking paper on the side of the paper board

2. Fold the masking paper on the top into the box

3. Glue the joints for reinforcement

4. Use cellulose tape to reinforce the masking paper inside the box

Step 9: Dirll Holes on the Side of the Case

1. Open a hole for USB interface

2. Fix the charging pad on the baseboard

3. Open a hole for rocker switch

4. Install the rotary button hat

5. The indicator will light in the box when charging, and we cannot see that because it's inside the box. So we need to find some light-transmitting material, such as fiber optics on a toy. Stick one to the indicator light by thermal glue and open a small hole to guide the light to the outside of the box.

Step 10: Make the Top Cover

1. Draw a circle around the box on a new paper board. Cut out a new paper board

2. Find a black material that is easy to clean, here I use black PVC film paper. Cut out a piece as big as the paperboard

3. Glue the black paper on the paper board

4. Glue the wheel at the center of the back of the paper board

5. Wrap the electric tape around to beautify it

6. Align the slot of the wheel with the shaft rod on the gearbox of the motor and insert it

Now we are done here. Make one if you like it. Also if you have any ideas about this project, please feel free to leave your comments here.