Introduction: DIY Back to School! Motivational Quote Art for Your Binder, Room Decor & More!

Hi guys! I’ve seen a lot of inspirational quotes on Tumblr and Instagram recently , so I thought it would be a good idea to make some inspirational quote art that will keep you motivated during the school year.

You will just need: some paper, pens, markers and a pencil.
First you will need to find the quote you want to use and then start drawing your design. If you are not very sure about something, use your pencil first before using the marker.

Use fonts of different sizes and colors. And of course you don’t have to copy what I’m doing, I just want to give you some inspiration so you can make your own designs later.

You can also draw some pictures that match the quote.
As you see I used a rounded object to make my circles.
Use your favorite colors to make your designs colorful and fun.
And remember there are no rules here so make whatever makes you happy.

I cut some parts of the making, because the video would be very long otherwise, but you can click here to check out the whole process so you can watch all the details.

Now I will show you some little ideas on how to use these quote art designs. The first option is to put it as the cover of your binder. Mine came with a useful plastic, so I just slid the paper in, but you can glue or tape it too.

Another option is put them as pages of your agenda. For that you will need to take out the wire part and then poke some holes using one of the pages of the agenda as a guide. Then place your pages randomly through the agenda. I’m only placing one page just to show you how to do it but you can put as many quote art designs as you want. Finally just put the agenda back together. And you will have a personalized agenda that will keep you motivated during the school year.

My last idea is to use it to decorate your room, just placing it in a frame. You can hang it above your desk so it can motivate you to study and work.

So that’s it for this video, I hope it could inspire you to make some quote art for the school year. Thumbs up this video if you liked it and don’t forget to send me any request you have in the comment section. Thanks for watching!

Check out the longer version of the quote making here:

Be yourself:

Shoot for the moon:

Dreams don't work:

Your comfort zone: