Introduction: DIY Camera Tripod

Few weeks ago I was thrilled when I seen 360 panorama and I started to search about panoramas and how to make one. I found out that i need panorama head which I made (it was not so good but it did it's work).
So i made myself panorama head but I had no where to put it and I decided to make tripod.
I didn't won't to buy one because they are expensive and because I love to work in my workshop.
The building process was very easy and amusing and it took me about 10 hours to build.
It's low cost project and can look great once it's done, like mine :)

So let's say something about tripods. Basically they are made out of three legs which can be extended to adjust the height of camera and to take still photos. They also come in various sizes and shapes, mine is about 50 cm tall without the additional legs and about 80 cm with the additional legs.

I apologize if I misspelled something, my english is not so good.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Maybe i forgot to mention some of tools but I think it's common workshop tools.


-Angle grinder
-Drill press (just to make it more accurate)
-8 mm drill bit
-5 mm drill bit
-Welding machine (I use arc welding machine)
-Wrenches, screwdrivers etc.


-square pipe (10x10 mm)
-piece of hexagon pipe
-9x bolt (5 mm)
-6x wing nut (5 mm)
-6x nut (5 mm)
-3x bolt (8 mm)
-3x nut (8 mm)
-metal sheet
-6x metal screw

Step 2: Cutting Materials

Remember to wear glasses, gloves, appropriate clothes and shoes and other protection

I started by cutting nine 20 cm long pipes (10x10 mm square pipe) and cut three 2 cm long pieces (also 10x10mm, I used square rod to make the whole tripod firmer).
Then I cut 4 cm long hexagonal pipe that will be the base as shown in next step

Step 3: Legs and Base

I drill 5 mm holes on one end of nine pipes and in three pieces and weld that three pieces on the hexagonal pipe.
Next I cut hexagonal piece of metal sheet and weld it on the hexagonal pipe and drill a hole in the middle (it is your own choice what size the hole will be depending on your equipment - I used 8 mm drill bit).
Finally assemble the legs and tighten them with wing nut to see how it looks like and to test if it's made good.

Step 4: Leg Clamps

Cut three 8 cm long metal and three 3 cm long pieces. The width is about 1.2 cm to make it a bit firmer and to look better but cut what ever width you like :)

Bend longer pieces in to U shape to make leg clamps and drill holes as shown on photos (also it is necessary to drill a hole in the leg, all holes are 5 mm).
I welded nut on the leg clamps to make it easier to tighten legs.

Tip: (I used a screw just to hold the nut in the center).

Then I made wing screws because I could not find them anywhere to buy and assemble everything on the legs.

Don't forget to screw shorter pieces of metal sheet on the legs to prevent the legs spreading out (I used "metal screw" because it's easier)

And finally I screw leg clamps and add one end of chain to the bolt I used for leg clamp.

The chain has 8 rings.

Step 5: Feet

For the feet i use 8 mm  bolts.
I screw them in the legs so that I can replace them (maybe rubber ones).
I also thought that would be nice to screw additional legs, made with the same pipe, to make it taller, see next step.

Ok, so first I cut off bolt head and sharpen the bolt.
Then I welded three 8 mm nut to the legs.
I drill the pipe with the 8 mm drill so that the bolt can fit in.
Tips: -I screw nut on the bolt and weld nut on the leg, bolt is to keep the nut in the center.
          -You could also make thread in the pipe, so you don't have to weld nut.
And all you need to do is to screw the feet.

If you want to make additional legs simply weld the nut one end and the bolt on the other.

Step 6: Final Assembly and Paint Job

I took few photos to show you how it looks like when it's fully assembled with the feet, additional legs and the chain.

Last but not least there is a paint job.
I decided to clean legs with very fine cleaning wire and paint only the base with hexagonal pipe, leg clamps, feet and other connection parts.

And that's it. If you have any questions comment or send email, I'll try to help as much as I can.

I wish you all good luck!!!