Introduction: DIY Carbon Tape Heated Gloves V1.0

About: DIY carbon heated clothing.

diy heated clothing kit

I bought a carbon heating flex tape from (or on Amazon) and sewed it into an ordinary insulated fleece gloves.
For every glove I used 150 cm of carbon. It powered by 12 V. Current is about 1,5A for each one.

Step 1:

New glove (on the left) has 3 layers (on the right).

Step 2:

Tape sewed by hands on the inner side of glove . Connected in parallel 2 x 75 cm.
Because of tape is thin and very soft I placed it directly to fingertips side.

Step 3:

You can sew wire to carbon tape to make a good and flexible connection.  The contact place shouldn't be hotter then the tape itself. If not you must increase the contact area.

Step 4:

Now carbon tape placed between two gloves.

Step 5:

Step 6:

Ready to use. Very comfortable with my heated vest and insoles.
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