Introduction: DIY Carbon Tape Taser-proof Jacket

About: DIY carbon heated clothing.
I'm sure you're strong enough to protect yourself and your loved ones from the bad guys. But what if a criminal suddenly attacked from behind? And what if he had a Taser?

You can in just one hour make a high-quality Taser / stun gun proof clothing from your jacket, hoodie, trousers, coat or gloves.
All you need to do is just to fix a carbon tape inside your clothes.
Tape is very good conductor of electricity, so the electric current passes through the tape and your body will not cause any harm, you will be perfectly safe.
And most importantly, your clothes appearance did not change, apparently they will remain the same as they were. They will be as soft and comfortable as they were bacause the carbon tape to the touch like a simple ordinary silk cloth. But now they will have a new, unusual property - electroshock veapon proof!

Step 1:

For my jacket I used 48 feet of carbon tape 44 mm from (and now on Amazon) and iron-on no-sew hem tape.

Now I think that could be spent only 32 feet tape and do not make the jacket but a vest, as human hands are not as sensitive to the Taser as a body.

Step 2:

Make a cut at the bottom of the lining of the jacket.

Step 3:

Put a strip of iron-on no-sew hem tape, top with a strip of carbon tape. Press with an iron.
Convenient to operate if cut small pieces of carbon tape and spread it inside his jacket, like a mosaic.
Place the strips of carbon tape as close as possible to each other, to avoid gaps.

Step 4:

Step by step, fill the entire area of your jacket with the carbon tape.
Pull the sleeves inside out and fix carbon tape on the sleeves too.

Step 5:

Carbon fiber is composed entirely of carbon. It does not burn and does not stain your body or clothing.

Step 6:

Sew lining. That's all.

You got a great taser proof jacket provides 100% protection!

14.03.2014. I must admit that I was partially wrong. We just tried a more powerful stun gun 800,000 volts. We installed two sewing needles on it and pierced the carbon tape. On the needles remained voltage of about 150 volts.
Yes, the person will feel the electric strike.
Yes, we need an extra hard layer.

Please do not do experiments with electricity on humans and animals. This can cause serious injury or death!