DIY Cardboard Hammock

Introduction: DIY Cardboard Hammock

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Hammock + Cardboard = X .......hmmmm... what is X? oh ya i remember its EPIC.

   In this Instructable you will learn how to make an epic cardboard hammock, but keep in mind that i am just a kid and this is my first instructable so and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Also i'm sorry about the picture quality because the only camera I have available is my phone

Step 1: Materials

~ knife

~ A LOT of cardboard, getting a large box helps a lot because you don't have to connect a bunch of small boxes together

~ Duct tape

~ Rope, any kind will work just make sure it's strong

~ An old broom handle, or you could use a big wooden dowel.

~ hands, blood, sweat, and tears.... but mostly hands :)

~ And also you will need a place to put it, like two trees

Step 2: Preparing the Cardboard

STEP 1~Start out by cutting the cardboard boxes so they are flat pieces 

STEP 2~After their ready, tape together the cuts in the cardboard so they are solid pieces 

STEP 3~Repeat step 2 until you have enough cardboard to make a 3' by L' rectangle. (L is your height plus 3 feet, i'm 5 feet tall so i need a 3' by 8' piece of cardboard)

STEP 4~ Strongly tape together your cardboard to make the 3' by L' rectangle. I was lucky enough to have a perfect sized piece of cardboard so i didn't have to do this.

STEP 5~ Cut the cardboard lengthwise so you have 3, 1 foot wide strips like in the picture

Step 3: Start Building!

STEP 1~ Tape the end of the 3 pieces of cardboard together at an angle like in picture 1.

STEP 2~ Do the same to the other side, this creates the basic shape of the hammock.

STEP 3~ now that you have the shape, flip it over and set it down and then put something underneath the middle to support it

STEP 4~ tape over any place you think needs to be stronger and then flip it over and put something under each end to support the shape

STEP 5~ tape over any places on this side that need to be stronger

Step 4: Keep on Building...

Now that you have the foundation of the hammock, you need to make it.... STRONGER!!!!

STEP 1~ cut out 2 pieces of cardboard that are about 3 feet long and 2 feet wide

STEP 2~ tape them securely to the ends of your hammock like in the  picture, also cut holes in the middle of these and tape them like in the picture

STEP 4~ tape over any places that need to be stronger, remember, you need it to support your full body wait so don't skimp out on the tape.

Step 5: Almost Done!!!

Now you need to make the part of it that attaches it to the tree.

STEP 1~ cut holes in the cardboard at the places shown in picure 1.( i forgot to take a picture so i just drew a diagram)

STEP 2~ Cut notches out in the cardboard ends, also shown in picture 1

STEP 3~ Push the rope through hole 1, out through hole 2, through hole 3 and out hole 4. Do this to both sides. (the hole numbers are in the diagram)

STEP 4~ First, cut your broom handle in half, next cut 2 holes in the ends of the cardboard (shown in picture 1) and put one of your broomstick parts and put it up threw one hole and down threw the second. (do it to both sides)

STEP 5~ cut notches in each corner of the hammock and tie the rope around the broomstick and notches. (do it to all sides)

Step 6: SHA-BAM!! Your Done

congrats, you have successfully finished your hammock, now the only thing you have to do is tie the ropes to two trees.
Now you can relax on a hammock whenever you want.


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