DIY Chalkboard Draws

Introduction: DIY Chalkboard Draws

Sick and tired of your children (or husband) not knowing where their clothes are even though they have been in the same draws for years? here is a cheap and easy way to solve those problems and also do up those old draws your kids( or husband) have drawn all over?
Why not paint them with chalkboard paint and then you can write what's in the draws and it gives you children somewhere to draw than can easily be cleaned

Step 1: Materials

All you will need:

old draws or cupboard
chalk board paint from a hardware store
wide paint brush
thin paint brush
drop sheet

contrasting color paint to do the rest of the draws.

Step 2: Getting Started

To start pull out the draws from the surrounding cupboard and lay them down on drop sheet.

Black board paint is very thick so no sanding is needed on the draws first.

Step 3: Painting

Paint all the draws going in the same direction either vertically or horizontal. Once the paint is dry you may want to do another coat if you want

Step 4: Painting the Outside (optional)

If you choose to paint the outside of the cupboard do this first before putting the draws back in.

Step 5: Finished

When all the paint is dry you can put the draws back in and write on them with the chalk. be creative!

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