Introduction: DIY Cheap Power Bank Charger

Make your own power bank charger! It will take 10 minuets to build .

Its great thing for your phone if you are somewhere out!
you will need just a USB cable for your phone, battery holder and of course batteries !

YOU NEED TO USE 1.25V batteries so you will have 5v output and then your device is safe!


Step 1: Step 1 : Getting Materials and Tools

Like i said before.. You will need:

-USB cable

-Battery holder

- AAA or AA batteries (depends of the battery holder.. in this situation i will use AA batteries )


- Soldering iron


Step 2: Step 2 : Building Time!

So you need to cut the USB cable and you will see some wires.. You will need the black one (minus - ) and the red on (plus + ). You can cut the others wires because you don't need them.

After that solder the wires on the battery holder ( you need to watch for PLUS and MINUS ).

Step 3: Step 3 : Finishing and Testing

This is a simple POWER BANK CHARGER!
You can add a power button ,some case and much more!
I prefer using rechargeable batteries because you can use it over and over again! Just take out the batteries , charge them and use them again..
This thing is working :)

I hope you like my instructable !

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