DIY Cheap Power Bank Charger




Introduction: DIY Cheap Power Bank Charger

Make your own power bank charger! It will take 10 minuets to build .

Its great thing for your phone if you are somewhere out!
you will need just a USB cable for your phone, battery holder and of course batteries !

YOU NEED TO USE 1.25V batteries so you will have 5v output and then your device is safe!


Step 1: Step 1 : Getting Materials and Tools

Like i said before.. You will need:

-USB cable

-Battery holder

- AAA or AA batteries (depends of the battery holder.. in this situation i will use AA batteries )


- Soldering iron


Step 2: Step 2 : Building Time!

So you need to cut the USB cable and you will see some wires.. You will need the black one (minus - ) and the red on (plus + ). You can cut the others wires because you don't need them.

After that solder the wires on the battery holder ( you need to watch for PLUS and MINUS ).

Step 3: Step 3 : Finishing and Testing

This is a simple POWER BANK CHARGER!
You can add a power button ,some case and much more!
I prefer using rechargeable batteries because you can use it over and over again! Just take out the batteries , charge them and use them again..
This thing is working :)

I hope you like my instructable !

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    5 years ago

    I hope the charging circuit in your phone is really good. Once you put any kind of current draw on the batteries the voltage will drop below 5V. I would think you could not get very far charging any power hungry phone with this. Most new phones will draw over 1A at 5V. The voltage of the batteries at this type of current can drop down to 3.

    As suggested, a better solution would be to use a higher feed in voltage and a voltage regulator so at full current draw you are still applying the correct voltage. Some sort of polarity protection would not hurt either.

    Someone is going to make this and burn up their phone.


    5 years ago on Step 3

    4 battery(new)give you 6 or 7 volts........(serial connect)...

    you must have 5.0 volt output...(you need a LM7805 and 7 or + volts battery...)

    risk of explosion battery phone or electric parts inside....WARNING !!

    bonne chance....... ;)


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    just use 1.25 v batteries and you will have 5v output and it's sa


    5 years ago

    The only reason your device does not destroy your phone is because you use rechargeable batteries. A typical rechargeable battery has a voltage of 1.25V. Thus four in series yields 5V which is exactly the Voltage needed for USB to charge a phone.


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    that's right!

    but like you said if you use exactly 1.25v batteries (5v output) then your device is safe!

    i used this thing when i traveled and that thing "saved my life " :P