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Introduction: DIY Cluster Earrings

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hi everyone, this is my first instuctable so be nice pleasee :D

these earrings are probably one of my favorites that I've made, you can totally dress them up or down. wear them to school/ work or a formal occasion. I hope you find this tutorial helpful and don't forget to tell me about how yours turned out!
so let's get right into it shall we? (:

difficulty: intermediate

-jump rings
-dangly charms/ beads (of your choice)
-earring hooks
-a clean workspace!

and that's it!

Step 1: Connect the Jump Rings

once you have all your materials together, you're gonna want to connect the jump rings. how many you connect it's totally up to you and how long you want them to dangle. I used about 5

Step 2: Add the Charms

this is probably the most important step. your going to add two charms to every other jump ring. one charm on each side. if you're using different colors, you'll want to alternate each color on each row
(I'm sorry if that was a little confusing, I hope the pictures helped) this can be a little bit confusing at first but you'll get the hang of it (;

Step 3: Make It Into an Earring!

this is the part where what you just created will officially be an earring. you'll just take your earring hooks and add them to the top jump ring.
then your done!

enjoy wearing your fabulous earrings!

and don't forget to let your imagination go wild..

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    8 years ago

    thank youu(: @EmiClarice


    8 years ago

    Those are really adorable!