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About: I'm a Special Education Teacher with 7 kids. I use donated and salvaged tech to teach STEM with my students and kids. Someday I'll get all of my projects posted up. For now, it's nonstop DIY, teaching and doin…

This is a video tour of my home Workshop that I built a couple years ago.  I have completed the first Instructable on the construction of my workshop:  Building a DIY Complete Workshop

I spent a couple years preparing, researching, and planning this project before I was ready to get started.  The actual construction took about 3 weeks.  I completed the build 99% on my own, including raising the walls and sheathing/ shingling the roof.  I neighbor lent a hand hoisting the roof beam and installing some of the rafters.  

The building measure 12x10 and has an attached 4x8 garden shed (also houses vacuum system and air compressor) and two 4x2 closets used for camping and sports gear.  I really wanted everything to be easy to get to without a lot of digging.  I got a lot of great ideas from magazines, the web, and of course!  I would like to do some later 'ibles on some of the more unique storage solutions I incorporated in my workshop.  I am still improving my organization, but it took at least six months to really get enough of it organized that I could start using the workshop more effectively.  

I've had a few licensed contractors look at it and compliment me on the construction (what a relief) and indeed, it has withstood some very severe storms here in the DC region including a hurricane.  Enjoy the tour and I hope you look forward to the upcoming Instructables on my DIY Workshop!

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    Your effort to show your workshop is greatly appreciated. A great improvement on the video would be to simply put the camera on a tripod and hold it still or pan very slowly. The camera movement as it it makes it very hard to watch



    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks. I will do that. I have since expanded into my garage with larger tools, so I plan on making a new video in the Spring when the weather warms up.